Mini portable Bluetooth Wireless speaker perfect
with IPhone, IPad or Smartphone, SoundbookPortable Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, Solid
build and powerful sound range, Soundbook X3Wireless Bluetooth audio adaptor to stream music
to any audio system via your phone or tablet,
StreamPort Universal
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iPhone Life Magazine15.09.14Soundbook GO"This amazing little mobile speaker is the real deal, producing 15 watts of crystal-clear sound with dynamic tones, and boasting an impressive set of extended features." full article
T3 - The Gadget Website11.09.14Soundbook X3"It has an impressive sound with plenty of bass, yet can easily be stowed away thanks to a stand that folds round to protect the device when not in use." full article
Custom PC05.09.14Soundbook GO5/5"The Bluetooth speaker market is hyper-competitive at the moment, but Soundbook GO should be on your shortlist [WINNER of the "Custom Kit" Award)."
Android Magazine05.09.14Soundbook GO4.5/5"It feels well-made and small enough to be portable, without compromising on the premium design."
Computerworld05.09.14Soundbook"...out of the box the Soundbook offered the highest fidelity, the most distinguishable basses and highs, and the best sound of the seven speakers reviewed here." full article
Tech Radar02.09.14Soundbook GO3.5/5"The Bayan Audio SoundBook Go is a brilliantly smart and slick little speaker, with some nice features and great portable design." full article
Boored at Work29.08.14Soundbook"If you're looking for a portable audio book that works with all devices...the Bayan Audio Soundbook is something you might be looking for." full article
AV Forums12.08.14Soundbook GO"'s a great solution for music on the move and well worth sticking on your shortlist." full article
Gear Diary03.08.14Soundbook X3"I have several portable speakers on hand, but I have to say that the Soundbook X3 is my new favorite; I love its sound, and I love its design." full article
Continue Play01.08.14Soundbook"You will not be disappointed with the level of quality in sound that they can produce, and the battery charge lasts long enough that I frequently forget to check before I step out of the house for the day." full article