Mini portable Bluetooth Wireless speaker perfect
with IPhone, IPad or Smartphone, SoundbookPortable Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, Solid
build and powerful sound range, Soundbook X3Wireless Bluetooth audio adaptor to stream music
to any audio system via your phone or tablet,
StreamPort Universal
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Chicago Tribune08.08.15SoundScene"Setup is easy, and up to eight speakers can be wirelessly linked to play the same music - as loud (or not) as needed." full article
Gear Diary15.04.15Soundbook GO"The design makes it easy to carry, the battery life is more than enough, and the sound is better than I would expect from something this size and at this price" full article
Entertainment Today15.04.15Soundbook X3"...this portable unit will bring you solid audio quality in whatever room you are in." full article
Know Your Mobile12.02.15Soundbook X3"Named one of "The Best Wireless Speakers Money Can Buy RIGHT NOW"" full article
BGR06.02.15Soundbook X3"The X3 can go toe to toe with most other speakers I have tested in this price range. In fact, it even stacks up well against some popular speakers that are more expensive... It really is an impressive experience." full article
Bello Magazine27.01.15Soundbook X3"This wireless speaker and FM radio does not compromise sound for size. With its advanced audio compression technology and ten-hour battery, you won't have to worry about losing quality over your Bluetooth connection." full article
Vetta Magazine12.01.15Soundbook GO"High style meets hi-tech." full article
Know Your Mobile09.12.14Soundbook X3" features some of the best sound we've ever heard come out of a portable sound station. It also looks fantastic too..." full article
Android Magazine27.11.14Soundbook GO"Brilliant bass and sleek design in a superb package [Winner of BEST SPEAKER award]"
Fashion Daily Magazine16.11.14Soundbook GO"We spy with our little eye... a designed something lightweight and modern that gives an awesome sound boost to your portable tunes." full article